Hotel Bellman Cart

Hotel Luggage Bellman’s Carts: Your Convenient Travel Companion and Bellman’s Essential Tool

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Stainless Steel


W1070 x D630 x H1920mm


Titanium, Mirror finish

Tube Dia

38mm, 51mm


6" Silent, 8" Pneumatic Wheel, 6" PVC

Tube Thickness


Product Details:

Hotel Luggage Bellman’s Carts: Your Convenient Travel Companion and Bellman’s Essential Tool

Oulichi Luggage Bellman’s Cart Feature:

  • Fully disassembled structure, packaging size 0.25cbm
  • 1x40HQ loads 260 units
  • Elegance titanium and mirror finish, anti-rust
  • Carpet multiple color options
  • 6” silent and 8” pneumatic wheels options
  • Free spare parts


When it comes to comfortable and convenient accommodation during travel, hotel luggage carts , also known as bellman’s carts, are an important facility that is often overlooked. However, these bellman’s carts play a crucial role in providing a pleasant and worry-free stay. Among the various hotel amenities, luggage carts are a practical and indispensable equipment.

Whether we are business travelers or leisure vacationers, we all desire comfort throughout our stay. Hotel luggage bellman’s carts are specifically designed to meet this need. They provide a convenient way to transport our luggage from the lobby to the guest rooms and vice versa. With their sturdy and spacious platforms, we can easily move our luggage without the need for multiple trips or excessive strain. They make the check-in and check-out processes smooth and efficient.

For hotels, luggage bellman’s carts serve as practical and efficient tools for both guests and staff. They are made of durable materials to withstand the weight of multiple suitcases and frequent use. Luggage carts are equipped with secure straps or rails to ensure the stability and safety of the luggage during transportation. Additionally, many hotel luggage carts are equipped with flexible and smooth-rolling wheels, making them easy to maneuver in tight spaces and on different surfaces. Higher-end carts may feature noise-reducing TPR or inflatable wheels, ensuring a low-noise experience as they move through hotel lobbies and guest room corridors, thus enhancing the overall residential experience for hotel guests.

The design of hotel luggage carts also takes aesthetics into consideration. Many carts have a stylish and modern appearance that complements the overall hotel decor. Some carts may feature polished chrome finishes or elegant wooden accents, adding a touch of sophistication. Luggage carts are typically equipped with handles and user-friendly designs for comfortable and effortless operation.

In conclusion, hotel luggage carts are indispensable companions that enhance the convenience and efficiency of travel experiences. They simplify the process of luggage transportation, saving time and energy. With their sturdy construction, practical features, and stylish design, hotel luggage carts seamlessly blend with the hotel environment, providing guests with a worry-free and comfortable luxurious stay. So, the next time you stay at a hotel, make use of the convenience offered by hotel luggage carts and enjoy a hassle-free and comfortable accommodation experience.

To maintain the durability and sturdiness of traditional hotel luggage carts, their structural design tends to be complex, resulting in large packaging sizes and high costs for international shipping. As a company committed to providing customers with cost-effective products, Oulichi company has introduced an innovative structural design for luggage carts. Our team of engineers has transformed the fixed structure into a fully disassembled structure, incorporating connecting joints and fixed crossbars on the curved pipes of the carts. All components are individually packaged inside cardboard boxes, presenting a flat packaging design that effectively protects the products from being crushed or damaged during transportation. This improvement has significantly enhanced the quality issues caused by transportation.

Upon receiving our products, hotel engineering teams can easily complete the installation process with the help of the provided drawings and installation videos. The fully disassembled structure has reduced the packaging size by 75%, resulting in cost savings for customers in terms of international shipping and local distribution fees. This innovation has received high praise from importers and hotel users.

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