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The surface treatment of metal luggage racks has a significant impact on their appearance and durability. Common surface treatment include Titanium plating(Gold), brushed finish, and powder coating. Here is a brief introduction and comparison of these treatment methods:

Titanium plating:

Titanium plating is a high-end surface treatment method that gives metal luggage racks a bright and smooth appearance. Titanium plating not only provides an elegant metallic luster but also effectively prevents metal corrosion and oxidation. This treatment method is relatively expensive, but it adds a sense of luxury and long-lasting durability to the luggage rack.

Brushed finish:

The brushed surface treatment creates fine texture lines on the metal surface, creating a unique metallic texture. This treatment method gives the metal luggage rack a more modern and stylish look. Brushed finish not only increases the wear resistance of the metal surface but also effectively conceals scratches and fingerprints. Compared to titanium plating, brushed finish is relatively more affordable while still providing high durability.

Powder coating:

Powder coating is a common and cost-effective surface treatment method. By spraying a layer of paint or plastic powder on the metal surface, it provides various color and texture options for the metal luggage rack. Spray coating effectively protects the metal surface from scratches and oxidation and provides additional corrosion resistance. Spray coating is an economical choice, especially for those who prioritize diverse appearance options and cost-effectiveness.

It is important to note that regardless of the chosen surface treatment method, the structure and load-bearing capacity of the metal luggage rack will not be affected. Surface treatment is solely aimed at improving the appearance and enhancing durability. Therefore, you can choose the most suitable surface treatment method for your hotel’s metal luggage rack based on your budget and requirements.

Oulichi Company offers multiple options for hotel luggage racks to meet the personalized needs of different hotels. Whether you choose titanium plating, brushed finish, or powder coating, Oulichi Company can provide you with high-quality products.

As a professional manufacturer, Oulichi Company values craftsmanship and quality. They use premium materials and strictly control the quality during the production process. Regardless of the chosen surface treatment method, you can confidently choose Oulichi Company’s products as they will provide an elegant appearance and durability.

Oulichi Company also emphasizes customization. If you have specific design requirements such as particular colors, textures, or sizes, they will provide you with customized services. This way, you can obtain unique luggage racks that match your hotel’s style, further enhancing the guest experience and hotel image.

In summary, Oulichi Company’s hotel luggage rack products offer a diverse range of surface treatment options, and regardless of the chosen method, they meet your requirements for appearance and durability. By selecting Oulichi Company’s products, you will receive high-quality, customized luggage racks that add beauty and functionality to your hotel.


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